Commercial Security Services

Organizations rely on our solutions to achieve, sustain and measure IT compliance, protect sensitive data and critical IT assets, and mitigate risk more effectively. We have designed, built and managed enterprise security operations centers and enterprise-wide compliance and policy solutions across government entities and commercial companies.
  • Application Security Audit - Our application security assessment provides a customized, extensive, impartial, and periodic security analysis of internally developed or commercial enterprise applications. This service evaluates current security standards and levels of compliance to give organizations a well-developed matrix of existing threats, application vulnerabilities, and real-world recommendations to address specific weaknesses. In addition, we use a library of proprietary tests and custom-developed tools to check for vulnerabilities that cannot be identified through automated means.

  • Compliance Solutions - solutions enable organizations to map corporate policies to multiple regulations, standards, and security controls and manage IT compliance more cost effectively and efficiently.

  • Expert Security Services - Expert and highly advanced information security services are often necessary in extreme and unique situations. Services such as reverse code analysis, information vulnerability research, and more.

  • Vulnerability/Penetration Assessment Audit - Our own unique internal vulnerability assessment evaluates the effectiveness of your internal security controls, internal monitoring and security administrative practices. Additionally, we recognize that compliance is motivating organizations to gain better visibility into their security posture and operational controls, and to report against security policies and controls. We can help you on all counts.

We offer a multitude of information security focused services including application auditing, hardening, and compliancy checks. Why not become proactive in hardening your enterprise applications for your own benefits as well as your clients' benefits? Our solution is twofold: We will help you structure your Software Development Life Cycle to ensure security checks are in place in every stage of the SDLC, as well as audit your source-code or closed-source application for security related vulnerabilities.


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